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At a time when customers are seeking even greater financial security, Jackson has developed a new retirement savings product, which aims to offset market volatility, a growing issue for investors since the financial crisis. Alternative investments have traditionally been the reserve of the wealthy few with the capital and expert advice to navigate these marketplaces.

Elite Access was launched in 2012 to make Jackson’s products available to a much greater range of customers. Elite Access is a variable annuity – where performance is determined by the value of underlying investments – that aims to provide less volatile returns by offering the opportunity for greater portfolio diversification.

As well as traditional stocks and bonds, Elite Access invests in alternative asset classes such as natural resources, precious metals, global infrastructure and real estate. By widening the range of asset classes, investors have the potential to diversify their portfolios to reduce correlation among investments amid a volatile market.


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With one of the largest wholesaling forces in the industry, Jackson has also importantly established itself as a leader in alternative investments education. Jesse Newton, an external wholesaler for Jackson who works with financial advisers, describes why Elite Access is so different: ‘Elite Access is not just a new product – it represents a whole new way of thinking about investing. We constantly stress to advisers that buy and hold just isn’t going to work any longer. They need to start utilising strategies that provided returns even throughout the financial crisis,’ he says.

The US is the largest retirement savings market in the world and is expected to grow significantly over the next 10 years as the post-war generation reaches retirement. In the US, there are now more than 39 million people aged 65 years or older, representing 13 per cent of the population. This figure is expected to rise to 19 per cent – 72 million people – by 2030.

As this population grows, and people live longer and healthier lives in retirement, they will be increasingly called upon to provide for their own financial well-being, continuing to drive demand for smart retirement income solutions.

Clifford Jack, Executive Vice President and Head of Retail for Jackson, says: ‘Over the last decade, markets have experienced record volatility. We’re entering a new era of diversification and alternative asset classes are becoming a significant part of that development. The needs of investors are changing in today’s marketplace. Portfolio allocation strategies are evolving beyond the traditional model. As financial advisers adapt to these new strategies and rely more on alternative asset classes, providers must offer the tools and resources they need to meet these demands.’

The US is the largest retirement savings market in the world and is expected to grow significantly over the next 10 years as the post-war generation reaches retirement.”

Elite Access was launched to financial advisers after extensive research, through a national educational training campaign and web presence. To date, Jackson has hosted more than 400 educational events, distributed more than 200,000 Elite Access information packs, and received more than 100,000 visits to its dedicated microsite. An even more ambitious plan for advisers is scheduled for 2013, including 30 half-day training events, six full-day seminars, 130 alternative investment Continuing Education training sessions, quarterly alternative market webcasts and monthly alternative investment conference calls.

As volatility continues to haunt investors, our commitment to helping millions of Americans achieve financial security has never been greater.


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