Teaching children the facts about figures

Prudential has a long-standing commitment to improving financial literacy and in Asia the Cha-Ching initiative is an innovative new way to reach young people. Cha-Ching was the first programme of its kind in the region, aimed at helping parents to teach children aged seven to 12 about the fundamental money management concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.

At its core, the programme consists of a series of three-minute music videos broadcast on the Cartoon Network and the website,

In October 2012, we launched the second season of Cha-Ching with three new music videos highlighting budgeting, how credit cards work and the basics of investing. We engaged with communities in Asia using social media to allow Cha-Ching ‘fans’ to create elements of the new videos such as a tour poster and a new character. We also launched an online game, Cha-Ching Saver World Tour, and a first mobile game app, Cha-Ching Band Manager.

The videos and website are currently available in local languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. The programme took to the skies when Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines made Cha-Ching part of their in-flight entertainment in 2012.

In addition to engaging with children through TV and online platforms, we have integrated the key learning concepts into tailored programmes for schools. Across the region, we partnered with NGOs such as Junior Achievement to organise school workshops. In the Philippines, the Department of Education signed a Memorandum of Understanding to endorse and incorporate Cha-Ching into the curriculum of public primary schools across the country.

Philippines Education Secretary Brother Armin Luistro FSC stresses the importance of children understanding the value of money and how it is earned, to have a better appreciation of finances. ‘If a child appreciates at an early age that it takes hard work to earn money to buy things, save or even share with others, they will have a valuable lesson which they can use through life,’ he says.

Parents and children have embraced the programme wholeheartedly. Shirley Zenarosa, whose son Johannes is a Grade 7 high school student in the Philippines, says: ‘Cha-Ching became a validation of my son’s advocacy. We now have one very encouraged boy, thanks to all that you do so kids can be financially literate from early on.’

If a child appreciates at a nearly age that it takes hard work to earn money to buy things, save or even share with others, they will have a valuable lesson which they can use through life.”

Armin Luistro
Philippines Education Secretary


  • Education Programme of the Year in the Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Awards in Orlando (April 2012)
  • Best Interstitial Series (Educational) in the Cynopsis: Kids Imagination Awards in New York (June 2012)
  • Award for the Most Innovative Financial Education Programme by the Institute of Financial Planners Hong Kong (September 2012)


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