Valuing our people


Encouraging, developing and rewarding our employees is essential to maintaining a highly engaged and talented workforce

At Prudential, we aim to create an environment that enables our people to find value and meaning in their work, and to deliver outstanding performance for our customers, shareholders and communities. This is essential to our continued success, and is performed through our focus on four key areas – diversity and inclusion, talent development, employee engagement and performance and reward.

We do this through:

Diversity and inclusion

Providing opportunities for our people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability status, age, religion, caring responsibilities or sexual orientation. We are committed to developing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive culture that rejects any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

Talent development

Encouraging employees to take responsibility for their own development and driving management and leadership programmes to nurture talent. We believe our employees’ well-being is paramount to their continued personal and professional development.

Employee engagement

Ensuring ongoing dialogue among our people through forums and surveys and, in particular, through a strong culture of leadership and candid feedback between managers and employees; and encouraging volunteering through which our employees can support our communities and acquire new skills.

Performance and reward

Operating a reward system to ensure that overall Group and specific business results, as well as individual performance and behaviours, are fairly reflected in each employee’s reward and enabling as many employees as possible to benefit from the Group’s success through share ownership.

Encouraging, developing and rewarding

Encouraging, developing and rewarding our employees are essential to maintaining a highly engaged and talented workforce.

The quality of our people is a key driver of our success.

Valuing our people